Finished up Guitar Hero: Metallica, It comes out the March 29th!!!

Also recieved another “3DTotal Excellence Award” from for my “Max Zorin” tribute



Results are in!

Placed 7th out of 100+ fantastic entries, be sure to check out the full results here.

I was also lucky enough to get on the front page of both and

Recieving the “3DTotal Excellence Award” from and “The Golden Eye” award from



Finished my Comicon Challenge Entry, Wolverine, You can check him out in the Gallery section!



Currently working on my Dominance War 3 Entry, You can check out my progress in the Gallery section!

Also in the midst of switching companies, I’m off to Neversoft to work on the next Guitar Hero game as a Fulltime Character Artist!



Today we announced This Is Vegas, A Xbox360/PS3 title we are currently working on at Surreal, Be sure to check out the 5 day IGN Special of our game


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